Slider with added value
Cable apertures in desks are standard. This standard opening in the work surface can offer you more than just a hole with cover. EVOline Square provides a socket, a USBCharger and a data connection inside the 80 mm diameter. Even in closed position EVOline Square gives you a smart offer: The sliding cover in its QI-Version provides an inductive technology (standard WPC 1.1) for wireless charging of suitable mobiles.

EVOline Square
Installation for surface thickness of up to 50 mm
Installation cutout diameter: 80 mm
Configuration: 1 power outlet, VDE compliant, 16 A, touch-protected 1 USB type A charger

ideal for charging of all USB-chargeable devices, i.e. iPhones, iPads, iPods, Tablets, Smart phones, MP3 Players. 3 m fixed supply cable with Schuko angled plug For complete cable management solution, we recommend EVOline WireLane and EVOline Bridge to cover exposes cables. Available to order separately. International versions available upon request.

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