FrameDock now also available as “full-black” version

The Evoline FrameDock blends in effortlessly with its surroundings by lying flush with the surface it is installed in. Its minimal installation height allows it to fit in even shallow surfaces and is especially easy to mount because it can be placed in the outlet opening directly from the front. One way to save space on the desk, in other office furniture or on the wall.

The EVOline FrameDock is:
  • Made and designed in Germany
  • Available with future proofed technology, including the high performance Universal USB Charger
  • Swiss warranted performance data connections
  • Easy to install and can be retro-fitted
  • Conforms to BS6396 guidelines (where applicable)

Now available as “full-black” version. We supply these new versions as custom/special. Please contact us for a quotation.

Advantages exchangeable modules
New with the FramDock series are Exchaneable modules. Exchangeable modules for data and multimedia ensure unlimited flexibility in case requirements at the workplace change. We already supply a number of exchangeable modules. This collection will grow once more modules become available.

How to use these exchangeable modules
The exchangeable modules are used within an exchangeable frame. The size of this frame is 50x50mm. There are exchangeable modules that use half of this size (25mm) and modules that are full sized (50mm). Depending on the type of module the size is decided.
Every  exchangeable frame can hold 2x 25mm modules, or a single 50mm module. Combining 2x 25mm modules to be placed into an  exchangeable frame, is done by the factory. This cannot be done by the customer. Once a double module is created by the factory, the customer can mount this module into the exchangeable frame.

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